The Luxury of Suites at Marina Bay Sands That Are Worth Your Attention

Marina Bay Sands is always famous for its outstanding facilities. If the rooms are very luxurious, it will be easy to imagine that the suites are full of luxury things. This hotel has 152 suites. Guests can rest assured that they will get private and exclusive services that may not surpass other Singapore hotels.

Best Suites Ever

How do all the suites pamper all guests? There are seven kinds of suites available for guests to choose from. They offer various views that depend on guests’ choices.

Some of them show off the panorama of the Bay, while others allow guests to enjoy the Singapore city views. Without further ado, let’s check all the suites that are still unrivaled among other Singapore hotels.

First, the Sands Suite gives such a great view of the Gardens of the Bay. This ‘cheapest’ suite offers 24-hour dedicated butlers. Guests can enjoy their entertainment within the suite like a media room and a pool table.

The elegantly designed living room has giant windows that allow the sunlight to break through the room. At night, enjoy the beauty of the Singapore night view.

Next, the Marina Suite is gorgeous. The suites are located on the 50th floor as well as some levels above it. Guests will be amazed at the views of the Singapore Strait and the Gardens by the Bay.

It is very much amazing to find out a personal gym room for any guest to exercise. There is also a billiard room for guests who want to entertain their visitors. The personal Jacuzzi spa adds a memorable experience.

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Another excellent alternative is the Orchid Suite. It is famous for its marble bathroom that can become the real private spa. All the first-class amenities are here. Both the living room and the bedroom have interactive LCD television.

Every guest can enjoy a complimentary breakfast with such great taste at either the RISE, Club55, or Spago, whichever that guests want. What’s more, they can also get complimentary services like afternoon tea, and beverages as well as canapés at Club55 every evening.

Need The More Luxurious Suites?

There are still some other luxurious suites in Marina Bay Sands. One of them is the Merlion Suite. As the name suggests, guests can easily view the charming Merlion during the night. Guests can get more complimentary services at this suite, such as Banyan Tree massage, limousine transfer, bartending experience, and so forth.

For the most remarkable suite living experience, Chairman Suite is the answer. This is the most e expensive suite in Marina Bay Sands, or even among other Singapore Hotels. Booking this suite cannot be done online, because of privacy reasons. There are four bedrooms with private bathrooms with the master bathrooms that have separated areas, His and Hers. This is the real heaven on earth that anyone can enjoy in this hotel.

Other suites in Marina Bay Sands are Presidential Suite, Harbour Suite, Skyline Suite, and Straits Suite. Of course, they become the most luxurious suites ever among other Singapore Hotels.